Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, JMCA will notify all employees, parents, and students of school delays or closings by radio and television. Listen to local stations for important weather information. JMCA Educational Activity Center will follow JMCA weather policies.
*If the school is delayed or closed, the EAC would be as well.

New Food Policy

We may no longer allow families to bring food in to school for birthdays or holidays. Due to changes in the law and funding rules, we are not allowed to provide students with treats or snacks at school. Students may not receive any food that has trans-fats and there are many allergy issues that can be dangerous.

A parent may still purchase food and bring it in to have lunch with his/her child but the food may not be shared with any other students. Students will continue to bring their own snacks to eat during the school day. The rule for snacks is that they be healthy food, not candy or junk food.

*****We are allowed to continue to offer food that is part of our curriculum so our cultural feasts will not be affected.