Theme Day Friday, April 25

We are celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 25 and will be doing various activities that involve reusing items!

Students will be allowed to wear jeans and greens for Earth Day.  This will be a free theme day! They may also wear shorts if they wish to do so.

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Kindergarten Promotion Help

Kindergarten needs your help!!!

We need non-kinder parents to help us prepare for our big day.  We do not want kinder parents because this is a treat for them as well.

We need help with creating posters for games and making props for games.  These items will be provided.  You can either do these at home or at school! If you are able to help please contact either Mrs. Pruett or Mrs. McCulloch for more information.

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Update on Class Picture Day!!

When we take class pictures on Wednesday,

April 23, we will add something new. After all

the other pictures have been taken, we will take

a picture of the whole school. You will receive a

second picture day flyer so you may order this

picture. Be sure to note on the order form that

you are ordering the whole school picture.


We are considering taking a second picture

that is a fun picture so if you wish to order

that one, again, note that one on your

order form. These whole school pictures will

not show on the form, you will have to write

them in. They will be the same price as the

class pictures, $10 each.

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Healthy Play Day Canceled!

Healthy Play Day has been canceled this year!

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Midterms go home on Friday, April 25

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BUCKABAG Arc Fundraiser

No trailer this time.  We will only be collecting boxes and bags for the arc.  No furniture, computers, monitors or baby gear.  Drop off all your clothing and household goods over the next two weeks and we will actually receive $2 bag or box – any size!

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Board of Directors Election

WE NEED YOU…. to run for a seat on our Board of Directors for 2014 – 2015.  We have two parent seats available.  We began accepting nomination forms on Monday, April 7.  They are due May 9.

It’s easy to run.  You need only complete a from and write a paragraph about yourself.  Consider serving on the board and become an integral part of the “village.”  Pick up an application form from Ms. Heather.

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Registration School-year 2014-2015

Online Registration is required for all students. Families without Internet access may use computers at the school. DO NOT complete the online registration packet if your child is not currently enrolled at James Madison Charter Academy; instead complete the Pre-registration form, below or under the Online Registration Tab. For additional information, please contact Mrs. Smith @ during normal school hours.

Pre-registration Form

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New Volunteer Opportunities

March 2014
***Kindergarten needs non-kinder parents to help with preparations for the kindergarten promotion.  If you can help please contact one of the kindergarten teachers. 

***Healthy Play Day, May 3

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Schwan’s Fundraiser

Schwan’s Fundraiser: Check out our webpage.

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