School Supplies Changing for the 2014 – 2015 School Year

JMCA is instituting a new system of school supplies for the 2014 – 2015 school year.  Instead of providing families with a lengthy supply list for each grade level and asking you to do the shopping, we are going to shop for you.  We will now REQUIRE families to pay a per-student fee to purchase supplies from the school.  The staff has discussed this idea numerous times and has decided this is the best (economical and efficient) way to obtain supplies.

We will charge $35 per student beginning June 15.  However, if you wish to pay before that date, the price will be $25 per student.  The discount will help you and us because it will provide us with a fund to begin summer purchasing.  Checks should be made out to JMCA with “school supplies for” and the child’s name(s) in the memo line.

Parents will continue to provide lunch boxes and backpacks.

These are some of the benefits to our new procedure:

  • You save up to 50% over shopping on your own because we can shop sales and buy in volume.  Our estimates from shopping last fall were well over $50 per student.
  • The cost of supplies will be the same for each grade level.
  • All students will have the correct materials.
  • All students will have all the materials required.
  • You will not have to drag in multiple bags of supplies at the beginning of school.
  • We won’t have to find storage for all of the paper products because we can purchase them throughout the year, as we need them.

Registration school-year 2014-2015

Online registration is REQUIRED for all students. Families without Internet access may use computers at the school. DO NOT complete the online registration packet if your child is not currently enrolled at James Madison Charter Academy; instead complete the pre-registration form, below or under the Online Registration Tab. For additional information, please contact Mrs. Smith @ during normal school hours.

Pre-registration Form